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One the 7th February 2020, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Prophet Nathan together with RPM Ministries donated a total of 50 free Luo Bible and food stuff to the local church named Aftersoul Agender Ministries located in Gulu, in the northern part of Uganda. Gulu is a luo speaking region. Through the Ministry representative in East Africa, these free Bibles were given out so that this local church congregation can be boasted spiritually.

Gulu is a town in the Northern part of Uganda that suffered war for over 20 years in the hands of the rebels called LRA which killed so many people. These innocent souls needs much hope and encouragement. They need spiritual upliftment. They need support and comfort. As a result of what happened, many people live in fear and pain of the past. They need our prayers and care.

It is our responsibility to care for our fellow brothers and sisters. It is our responsibility to encourage them and give them hope and love. There is someone somewhere in need of your smile, love, hug, support, encouragement and saying everything will be alright. Millions of people are going through hard times, pain and sorrowful moments. They need us. They need our prayers and comfort. They need support with the little we have.

We do not give because we have alot but because giving is what touches the heart of God. We give because it is God’s command for us to help the needy. We give because we cannot afford to see a brother or sister in need and ignore. Anything we do to our beloved brothers and sisters who are in their needful moments, we are doing it unto the Lord Himself.

Let us see giving as an assignment from God. Wherever you are today, look for someone who is in need and do something that will improve their lives in one way or the other. God will use our hands as His. God will use our legs as His. God will use the whole of us as His. God will help the needy through us. Let us not ignore those around us who are suffering and in pain but let us lend them a helping hand and the name of the Lord will be uplifted.

We thank everyone who partner with us. Your generosity is changing lives and the name of God is being glorified.  As we change lives through your support, we are doing this assignment together. May God richly bless you. We will always keep praying for you and we know God who sees your continuous support will reward you mightily not only here on earth but eternity as well.

Prophet Nathan together with RPM Ministries


On the 02.02.2020, Prophet Nathan together with RPM Ministries donated 110 free swahili Bibles to Emaus Evangelic Ministries located in Kisumu Kenya. Through our East African representatives, these free Swahili Bibles were donated to this local struggling Church so that the spiritual growth of the members are boasted.
It is always our aim to reach out to the rural areas of the world to support our local struggling Churches with the little resources God has entrusted us with to transform the lives of God’s children.
No matter how little it is in your hands, No matter how small you may think you possess, you can still transform a life. Ask a widow and she will tell you that no matter how little you may have, you still have something to offer.
God is leaning on us to be the change our communities, countries are looking for. Lend a helping hand to someone in need this day. Bring a smile on someone’s face this day. Do something that will make the name of God to be glorified.
We would like to thank each and everyone who partner with us so that we can reach out to God’s people with the Gospel. May God bless you abundantly for your generosity. Your support is changing lives, and together we are performing this task together as we reach the troubled world.
Prophet Nathan together with RPM Ministries


On the 25th January 2020,Prophet Nathan Emol together with RPM Ministries donated 160 free Bibles to Barehish Baptist Church in Achala village, Nabarangpur district in India. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit to His anointed servant, God instructed Him to reach out to this community and via RPM Ministries representatives in Asia presented the free Bible gift to this rural church in India. Achala is one of the poorest villages in India.
In a country dominated by Hinduism and where the number of Christians is only 2.3 %, we have decided to extend our helping hands to the local churches in this nation in order to strengthen their walk with Christ through supporting them with free spiritual materials so that they can grow in their walk with Christ.
It is not a crime to be a follower of Jesus. This people need our help through prayers and physical. Being surrounded by over 90% of the population not believing in what you believe is hard but having the courage to continue in the faith takes God’s grace. By all means, we have to support them, encourage them to continue with their walk with Christ faithfully till the end no matter how rough things can be sometimes around them. Some of these people have been rejected by their families and relatives and friends because of their belief in Jesus but still they are continuing with the journey in our Lord and Savior Jesus.
Wherever you are, be the answered prayer of someone in need.Give a helping hand to those who are struggling and are in pain. Your comfort maybe all they need. Your smile maybe all they need. Your love maybe all they need. Your hug maybe all they need. Saying “All things will be well” maybe all they need. Change the life of someone this day by just a simple thing you can do for them. Nothing is little when God is in it. No matter how little it maybe, it can change someone’s condition this day.
Thank you all those who partner with us.Thank you for your generosity. God richly Bless you.



Shalom beloved,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. With great humility, we would like to share with you what the Lord has done for His own Glory. Through the direction of the Holy Spirit, Prophet Nathan together with RPM Ministries partners donated a total of 150 free Bibles to the local churches in Pakistan, Myanmar which used to be called Burma on the 22nd January 2020. Through our Ministry representatives in Asia, these Free Bibles were distributed to these innocent souls living in countries dominated by Muslims. In Pakistan alone, only 1.5 percent are said to be serious followers of Jesus Christ. 

When these innocent souls received their free Bible in their own local language, they were so happy. Burma itself is a country dominated by the false region of Buddhism. As a Ministry, we will always do whatever it takes to reach out to these kind of communities so that we strengthen our fellow Christ followers. Imagine a country only 1.5 percent are Christians of the entire population, it is not easy at all. It is our responsibility to lend them a helping hand so that they know to follow Christ is not a crime. Imagine everyone around do not believe in what you believe? You are the only one believing in what 99% around you do not believe in? It feels odd. It is our responsibility to remember them in our daily prayers so that God can strengthen them to keep pushing with the journey of following Jesus Christ. They need our prayers and support.

We would like to thank everyone who support our Ministry through partnership. Your support is enabling us to reach out to those many communities struggling and feel abandoned all around the world. As we reach them with free spiritual materials that boast up their spiritual life, we are impacting their lives together. Thank you so much for sending us. Thank you for supporting us. Someone somewhere is smiling because of your support and giving. God richly bless you.

From wherever you are, in whatever you do, with whatever resource you have at hand, be the change a person, community is looking for. The little you have can transform a life. It can impact a life. Little is much when God is in it. Give with whole your heart and God who sees what you do secretly will bless you much publically. 

Prophet Nathan Emol together with RPM Ministries



On the 18th January 2020, RPM Ministries together with Prophet Nathan Emol donated 100 free Bibles to Landmark Baptist Church located in Turukana region, Kenya through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. In great effort to boast up the spiritual life of the Christians in rural areas of Africa, as a Ministry in which Jesus Christ is the Head, we provide free Bibles to the local churches around the African Continent where God leads. Millions are unreached with the Gospel, they have no where they can get their own Bible in their own local language to strengthen their walk with Christ since most can not even afford. It is our responsibility as a Ministry, with the little resource we have, to use it to help other local Churches to grow. We donate not because we have much but because we must win souls and shape souls for eternity for the glory of God alone.
Wherever you are in life, God is counting on you to lend a hand to someone this day. He is counting on you to transform the life of someone today. Do not see a person in need and just pass by without doing something to change his or her situation. Whatever you do to anyone in need, you are doing it to God Himself. You may say you have little, yes, that little can transform a life. No matter how little it maybe, give it cheerfully and God Himself will bless you. Bring smile in somebody’s face today. Yes you can, with that little you have.
Today is the day you can make a transformation in somebody’s life. Let today count by lending a helping hand to someone in need.
Be Bleessed
Prophet Nathan