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kenya charity project february 2021

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, With grate humility, RPM Ministries would like to thank everyone who has been partnering with us for all these while. Because of your partnership, we have been able to reach out to our lovely brothers and sisters who lives in Turukana region of Kenya with some necessary basic needs. Turukana is a region in Kenya that looks like a desert, so hot and to survive in such a area is not easy. Through our Kenya representative, we were able to deliver food items and some sums of money to help boast the families who were in dire need.

Through our efforts to boast up the Spiritual life and growth of our beloved brothers and sisters in the rural parts of Africa through giving free Bibles, we have been mandated by God to as well start issuing food relief packages to them as well. We thank God for giving us the Grace to lend a helping hand to those in need. When we help the needy, we are doing it unto the Lord Himself.

We should see giving as an assignment from God. Look for someone who is in need where you are and lend a helping hand to them this day. There is no help that is too small. Every help means alot to someone and that little act of help no matter how small it is can change someone’s life forever.

To all our beloved partners, God richly bless you for standing with us always. Your partnership is changing hundreds to thousands of people’s lives all round the world. As we travel to deliver relief packages to those in need, we are doing this together with you and your own portion of blessing will be released upon you by God in Jesus Christ name! God bless you


Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ,

On the 6th September 2020, Prophet Nathan together with RPM Ministries partners donated 70 Bibles to Halwa Gospel Church located in Gulu, Northern Uganda. Gulu that gained a city status on the 1st July 2020 has been greatly affected by the war that took place for over 10 years lead by the rebel group called LRA.

The people of Gulu have an open heart to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Their loved ones were killed, abducted and many lost their homes due to these wars that took place in their region. They need healing and comfort through God’s words and so it was a grate blessing to donate this free Bible to this lovely Church. These free Bibles were in their local language called Luo and they received it with grate joy in their hearts.

We thank God for the opportunity He gave to us to have the privilege of giving through the constant support of our partners. As a Ministry, it is our constant heart desire to help the rural churches with free Bibles as well as support them the way we can so that the spiritual life of God’s people can be uplifted, so that God’s word can dominate their lives and walk with God in the light of His word.

Wherever you maybe, lend someone a helping hand. The little you have can bring total transformation in the life of someone. Look for those who need assistance in your community and do something to change their life and God who sees whats done in secret will bless you publically for the Glory and honor of His Name. God richly bless you

Prophet Nathan’s Ministries


Greetings in Jesus Christ Name!

On the 5th.September 2020, Prophet Nathan together with RPM Ministries partners donated a total of 120 free Bibles to two local churches in Turukana, Kenya. Through our East African representatives, these free Bibles were donated to these two local churches that worships God Almighty under the trees.

It was a grate honor to have the privilege to give these free Bibles so that the spiritual life of these God’s people can be boasted. Through our representative, Salvation was preached and souls were saved for God’s glory alone. A message of repentance was preached and God’s people repented from their sins. Each member of these two churches received their free copy of their own Bible in their own local language. Besides that, it was also a blessing to share a meal with them for God’s glory alone.

As RPM Ministries, it is our heart desire to support the local churches in the rural areas all round the world with Free Bibles so that their spiritual lives can be boasted. Without God’s word in our hearts, we will never know God’s heart because God’s heart is in His word and His word is in the Bible. From deep our hearts we appreciate those who support us to make this vision always happen for God’s glory alone.

As we reach out to these beautiful God’s people through your continuous support, May God’s blessings be upon you. We do not take your support for granted. As we reach out to them, we are together with you. Once again God richly bless you.

Lastly, let us continue to help people who are around us in the society we live. No matter how little you have, it can bring a grate change in the life of someone where you are. Look for someone who needs assistance this day and lend a helping hand. Whatever you do to anyone in need, you are doing it to God himself. God richly bless you.

Prophet Nathan’s Ministries


On the 24th August 2020, RPM Ministries was able to visit the elderly people in the community of Turukana , Kenya!! We were able to reach out to 14 very, very needy people/families some who are very weak, feeble and crippled with essential food products.

We give not because we have much, but we give because it is God’s command for us to lend a hand to those who need assistance for the Glory of God. No matter how little we have, it can cause a grate impact in the life of someone who has nothing at hand for God’s glory alone.

It is not a crime to be old. It is not a crime to be elderly. It is a blessing instead and it is our responsibility as a community to take good care of those elder people around us. If we do so, it is God who will pour out His blessings on us. If we take care of the old people in the community, we are planting a seed of what we will harvest when we are old too.

God wants to use our resources to meet the needs of those who are suffering. God wants to use our hands and feet as his. God can only use our resources as well as feet and hands ONLY if we are willing. There are thousands of needy people in our community. Do something today to change the life of someone around you and honestly, God will surely bless you. No matter how small it maybe, lend someone a helping hand and the name of God will be glorified and your heavenly reward awaits you.

Be Blessed



Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ!

On the 24th May 2020, Prophet Nathan together with RPM Ministries partners donated 150 free Bibles to Rweza Baptist Church located in Kalio, Eastern part of Rwanda. Through our Ministry representative in East Africa, we were able to reach out to this Rural church and lend a helping hand in building the faith and spiritual walk of the congregation in Jesus Christ. 

In RWANDA, the rural churches treasure the gospel and are in need of bibles. Their language is ‘Kinyarwanda’. The churches preach sound doctrine, holiness, repentance and truly following Jesus as Lord. The pastors live simple lives as farmers and have a burden to see the lost truly converted and born again.

As a Ministry, our burden is to see souls being saved from all angles of the earth. We aim at supporting local churches with free Bibles in their own languages so that they can have the opportunity to grow spiritually and know more about God whom they believe in, Jesus who saved them and through Him they have hope of everlasting life.

Whatever you have, no matter how little it maybe, it can bring grate change in the life of someone in need. Look around, get someone who needs help, lend a helping hand and truly, God will surely bless you for being someone’s answered prayer.

Thank you to all those who partner with our Ministry. We thank you for your love and support in making us reach out to the rural areas all across the world to strengthen the faith and walk of our brothers and sisters all round the world in the Lord. God richly bless you.