Welcome to  the Official Website of Prophet Nathan’s Ministries.

Nathan Emol was born on the 5th October. He is a Ugandan by birth. He received a call from God as a Prophet at the age of 2. God appointed Him to preach salvation, rapture, Eternity, Holiness, repentance of sins all cross the world.

Besides that, He is the founder of Fresh Hope Charity Organization which deals with helping orphans, street children, widows,  elderly through provision of clothes, food, basic needs which are necessary for daily living. He also empowers them through words of encouragement every single chance that comes.

Nathan Emol is as well reaching local communities all across the world where God leads Him especially the local churches in rural areas offering the gifts of FREE Bible to their congregation in their own local languages to boost up their spiritual growth in the Lord.

It is our responsibility to represent God fully the way we can, through the means we can, with what we can to reach those we can in order to transform their lives to the degree we can for the Glory of God.

God wants to use our hands, our legs, our resources to meet the needs of those who are groaning in pain and suffering. God is counting on us to be the solution to the problem of someone around us this day. Look for someone in need today. Help someone today. Be someone’s answered prayer today. Bring a smile on someone’s face today. Let us be the change the world needs this day. When we help the needy, we are doing it to the Lord Himself.

God Richly Bless You

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