Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ,

On the 6th September 2020, Prophet Nathan together with RPM Ministries partners donated 70 Bibles to Halwa Gospel Church located in Gulu, Northern Uganda. Gulu that gained a city status on the 1st July 2020 has been greatly affected by the war that took place for over 10 years lead by the rebel group called LRA.

The people of Gulu have an open heart to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Their loved ones were killed, abducted and many lost their homes due to these wars that took place in their region. They need healing and comfort through God’s words and so it was a grate blessing to donate this free Bible to this lovely Church. These free Bibles were in their local language called Luo and they received it with grate joy in their hearts.

We thank God for the opportunity He gave to us to have the privilege of giving through the constant support of our partners. As a Ministry, it is our constant heart desire to help the rural churches with free Bibles as well as support them the way we can so that the spiritual life of God’s people can be uplifted, so that God’s word can dominate their lives and walk with God in the light of His word.

Wherever you maybe, lend someone a helping hand. The little you have can bring total transformation in the life of someone. Look for those who need assistance in your community and do something to change their life and God who sees whats done in secret will bless you publically for the Glory and honor of His Name. God richly bless you

Prophet Nathan’s Ministries

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