Greetings in Jesus Christ Name!

On the 5th.September 2020, Prophet Nathan together with RPM Ministries partners donated a total of 120 free Bibles to two local churches in Turukana, Kenya. Through our East African representatives, these free Bibles were donated to these two local churches that worships God Almighty under the trees.

It was a grate honor to have the privilege to give these free Bibles so that the spiritual life of these God’s people can be boasted. Through our representative, Salvation was preached and souls were saved for God’s glory alone. A message of repentance was preached and God’s people repented from their sins. Each member of these two churches received their free copy of their own Bible in their own local language. Besides that, it was also a blessing to share a meal with them for God’s glory alone.

As RPM Ministries, it is our heart desire to support the local churches in the rural areas all round the world with Free Bibles so that their spiritual lives can be boasted. Without God’s word in our hearts, we will never know God’s heart because God’s heart is in His word and His word is in the Bible. From deep our hearts we appreciate those who support us to make this vision always happen for God’s glory alone.

As we reach out to these beautiful God’s people through your continuous support, May God’s blessings be upon you. We do not take your support for granted. As we reach out to them, we are together with you. Once again God richly bless you.

Lastly, let us continue to help people who are around us in the society we live. No matter how little you have, it can bring a grate change in the life of someone where you are. Look for someone who needs assistance this day and lend a helping hand. Whatever you do to anyone in need, you are doing it to God himself. God richly bless you.

Prophet Nathan’s Ministries

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