On the 24th August 2020, RPM Ministries was able to visit the elderly people in the community of Turukana , Kenya!! We were able to reach out to 14 very, very needy people/families some who are very weak, feeble and crippled with essential food products.

We give not because we have much, but we give because it is God’s command for us to lend a hand to those who need assistance for the Glory of God. No matter how little we have, it can cause a grate impact in the life of someone who has nothing at hand for God’s glory alone.

It is not a crime to be old. It is not a crime to be elderly. It is a blessing instead and it is our responsibility as a community to take good care of those elder people around us. If we do so, it is God who will pour out His blessings on us. If we take care of the old people in the community, we are planting a seed of what we will harvest when we are old too.

God wants to use our resources to meet the needs of those who are suffering. God wants to use our hands and feet as his. God can only use our resources as well as feet and hands ONLY if we are willing. There are thousands of needy people in our community. Do something today to change the life of someone around you and honestly, God will surely bless you. No matter how small it maybe, lend someone a helping hand and the name of God will be glorified and your heavenly reward awaits you.

Be Blessed

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