Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ!

On the 24th May 2020, Prophet Nathan together with RPM Ministries partners donated 150 free Bibles to Rweza Baptist Church located in Kalio, Eastern part of Rwanda. Through our Ministry representative in East Africa, we were able to reach out to this Rural church and lend a helping hand in building the faith and spiritual walk of the congregation in Jesus Christ. 

In RWANDA, the rural churches treasure the gospel and are in need of bibles. Their language is ‘Kinyarwanda’. The churches preach sound doctrine, holiness, repentance and truly following Jesus as Lord. The pastors live simple lives as farmers and have a burden to see the lost truly converted and born again.

As a Ministry, our burden is to see souls being saved from all angles of the earth. We aim at supporting local churches with free Bibles in their own languages so that they can have the opportunity to grow spiritually and know more about God whom they believe in, Jesus who saved them and through Him they have hope of everlasting life.

Whatever you have, no matter how little it maybe, it can bring grate change in the life of someone in need. Look around, get someone who needs help, lend a helping hand and truly, God will surely bless you for being someone’s answered prayer.

Thank you to all those who partner with our Ministry. We thank you for your love and support in making us reach out to the rural areas all across the world to strengthen the faith and walk of our brothers and sisters all round the world in the Lord. God richly bless you.


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