One the 7th February 2020, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Prophet Nathan together with RPM Ministries donated a total of 50 free Luo Bible and food stuff to the local church named Aftersoul Agender Ministries located in Gulu, in the northern part of Uganda. Gulu is a luo speaking region. Through the Ministry representative in East Africa, these free Bibles were given out so that this local church congregation can be boasted spiritually.

Gulu is a town in the Northern part of Uganda that suffered war for over 20 years in the hands of the rebels called LRA which killed so many people. These innocent souls needs much hope and encouragement. They need spiritual upliftment. They need support and comfort. As a result of what happened, many people live in fear and pain of the past. They need our prayers and care.

It is our responsibility to care for our fellow brothers and sisters. It is our responsibility to encourage them and give them hope and love. There is someone somewhere in need of your smile, love, hug, support, encouragement and saying everything will be alright. Millions of people are going through hard times, pain and sorrowful moments. They need us. They need our prayers and comfort. They need support with the little we have.

We do not give because we have alot but because giving is what touches the heart of God. We give because it is God’s command for us to help the needy. We give because we cannot afford to see a brother or sister in need and ignore. Anything we do to our beloved brothers and sisters who are in their needful moments, we are doing it unto the Lord Himself.

Let us see giving as an assignment from God. Wherever you are today, look for someone who is in need and do something that will improve their lives in one way or the other. God will use our hands as His. God will use our legs as His. God will use the whole of us as His. God will help the needy through us. Let us not ignore those around us who are suffering and in pain but let us lend them a helping hand and the name of the Lord will be uplifted.

We thank everyone who partner with us. Your generosity is changing lives and the name of God is being glorified.  As we change lives through your support, we are doing this assignment together. May God richly bless you. We will always keep praying for you and we know God who sees your continuous support will reward you mightily not only here on earth but eternity as well.

Prophet Nathan together with RPM Ministries

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