On the 25th January 2020,Prophet Nathan Emol together with RPM Ministries donated 160 free Bibles to Barehish Baptist Church in Achala village, Nabarangpur district in India. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit to His anointed servant, God instructed Him to reach out to this community and via RPM Ministries representatives in Asia presented the free Bible gift to this rural church in India. Achala is one of the poorest villages in India.
In a country dominated by Hinduism and where the number of Christians is only 2.3 %, we have decided to extend our helping hands to the local churches in this nation in order to strengthen their walk with Christ through supporting them with free spiritual materials so that they can grow in their walk with Christ.
It is not a crime to be a follower of Jesus. This people need our help through prayers and physical. Being surrounded by over 90% of the population not believing in what you believe is hard but having the courage to continue in the faith takes God’s grace. By all means, we have to support them, encourage them to continue with their walk with Christ faithfully till the end no matter how rough things can be sometimes around them. Some of these people have been rejected by their families and relatives and friends because of their belief in Jesus but still they are continuing with the journey in our Lord and Savior Jesus.
Wherever you are, be the answered prayer of someone in need.Give a helping hand to those who are struggling and are in pain. Your comfort maybe all they need. Your smile maybe all they need. Your love maybe all they need. Your hug maybe all they need. Saying “All things will be well” maybe all they need. Change the life of someone this day by just a simple thing you can do for them. Nothing is little when God is in it. No matter how little it maybe, it can change someone’s condition this day.
Thank you all those who partner with us.Thank you for your generosity. God richly Bless you.

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