On the 18th January 2020, RPM Ministries together with Prophet Nathan Emol donated 100 free Bibles to Landmark Baptist Church located in Turukana region, Kenya through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. In great effort to boast up the spiritual life of the Christians in rural areas of Africa, as a Ministry in which Jesus Christ is the Head, we provide free Bibles to the local churches around the African Continent where God leads. Millions are unreached with the Gospel, they have no where they can get their own Bible in their own local language to strengthen their walk with Christ since most can not even afford. It is our responsibility as a Ministry, with the little resource we have, to use it to help other local Churches to grow. We donate not because we have much but because we must win souls and shape souls for eternity for the glory of God alone.
Wherever you are in life, God is counting on you to lend a hand to someone this day. He is counting on you to transform the life of someone today. Do not see a person in need and just pass by without doing something to change his or her situation. Whatever you do to anyone in need, you are doing it to God Himself. You may say you have little, yes, that little can transform a life. No matter how little it maybe, give it cheerfully and God Himself will bless you. Bring smile in somebody’s face today. Yes you can, with that little you have.
Today is the day you can make a transformation in somebody’s life. Let today count by lending a helping hand to someone in need.
Be Bleessed
Prophet Nathan

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